Nugen Feeds is a seasoned company, which focused on providing protein feed sources for animals, especially distillers dried grains with solubles( DDGS). NuGen Feeds has grown into one of the nation’s premier suppliers of DDGS( Distillers Dried Grains) as a result of our experience, relationships and product quality. We supply premier quality DDGS, whole grains, feed ingredients PAN-INDIA and across the globe that helps in maintaining health of livestock.

We strive to build long-term relationships through outstanding service, while leveraging our considerable experience in the markets we serve. The DDGS feed manufactured and supplied by us is high in nutritional value, having large content of digestible proteins that makes it better than any other feed available in the market and we give 100% quality assurance.

We improve the quality of livestock to help animals growing healthy. Our supply chain is spread over other foreign nations in the world. We are the best DDGS food grain supplier in India. 


Protein in our nutritious DDG food has 100 percent purity without any toxin. We have talented manpower to test the degree of purification of DDGS food stuff. We have our sophisticated research labs to do scientific researches. Our experienced food planners, nutritionists and DDGS analyzers are employed to disinfect and purify food grains.


Our logistics expertise allows us to deliver the material on time and efficiently.

The Promise

In India, many domestic fodder suppliers and animal care organizations have made long lasting tie-ups with us.  We provide only toxin free fodder for various types of animals to eat.

Our food provides required protein, vitamins and essential components to animals.

Protein is easy to digest. Thus ensuring better yields for our customers.

In major states like Punjab, Delhi, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, our company has established very strong network with local distributors.  Those who rear animals can buy our fodder at low prices. Our delivery service is unique and peerless. We never try to overlook interests of our customers.  Therefore, they can rely on our company to have the best DDGS to nourish animals.

Nugen Feeds is not a newborn child in the feed manufacturing industry. We have struggled to secure the best place in the animal feed industry. That’s why, we are committed to deliver 100 percent pure feed material to  our customers for feeding their livestock. People can use our fodder over a year. Through different phases of fermentation, frequent distillation and drying process, we prepare our DDGS food. Therefore, this digestible fodder is usable for several months with comfort.

We are present with our experienced customer care officers and consultants to assist you on the spot. You will get time for online chatting.  It will be the best decision to check our archive to read blogs, and content to learn more.